Dr. Lee of Riverside Family Chiropractic Joins Hola Columbus Team

Columbus Ohio Chiropractor in front of green screen

Dr. Lee a Columbus Chiropractor in front of a green screen

Today it was announced that Columbus Chiropractor Dr. Lee would be joining the Hola Columbus team.

Hola Columbus aims to be an inspiring lifestyle outlet where viewers can find in-depth articles featuring fashion, entertainment, events, food, sports, interviews, artists, and more.

Dr. Lee is a local health authority and owner of Riverside Family Chiropractic. He will be joining the team as the shows official health correspondent and help aid in their initiative to educate Ohio residents on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Since opening it’s doors earlier this year Riverside Family Chiropractic has developed a huge following in central Ohio. Riverside Family Chiropractic is apart of the Maximized Living network which promotes living a natural, healthy life free of medication. Maximized living doctors believe that there are 5 elements to living a healthy life. The 5 Essentials build off of each other to allow your body to function at its peak performance so that you can get into prime physical condition and avoid disease before it even begins to develop in your system.

The 5 Healthy Lifestyle Essentials

  • Maximized Mind
  • Maximized Nerve Supply
  • Maximized Quality Nutrition
  • Maximized Oxygen And Lean Muscle
  • Minimized Toxins

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Columbus Ohio look no further than Dr. Lee at Riverside Family Chiropractic. Play the video below to see the results Dr. Lee has been getting for his patients and how he changing lives all across Ohio.

We think he will make a great addition to the Hola Columbus team.

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